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Strava integration

Sync not working?
My strava sync does not seem to work.

In order for Cotacol to be able to read your activities and efforts, we need our users to authorize access to the Strava data. The only person able to give us the right permissions (or rights) to do so, is you, the user and the owner of your data.

Sometimes, the permissions we have received from you, might not be enough. And for that, it will be needed to 're-authorize' Cotacol That can happen by navigating to the settings page in your Strava profile. (You need to be logged in, at the cotacol website) Here you can see a checklist of our access to your strava account. If our permissions are not good enough, please click the 'Re-Authorize Strava' button at the bottom of the page

Missing Cotacol?
I believe I conquered a Cotacol that does not show.

It can happen that someone thinks to have conquered a Cotacol, but in fact, it is important that the actual Strava Segment (that you can find in the col list) has been ridden. We have chosen to stick true to the actual descriptions and routes of the original book, which means that the popular track of a col is not always the exact matching one. If you feel there is indeed an activity that has not been matched well by the backend, please contact us, so we can follow up

Points are not increasing
My points are not increasing, when riding Cotacols

It is important to understand that the total points you see in the different apps or site are the points for the unique (distinct) Cotacols you rode.

So, if your weekly training loop contains the Berendries (#792), no matter how many times you ride it, you'll only get the 81 points once.

Multiple efforts per activity?
Multiple efforts of the same Cotacol in 1 activity only count for one.

This is because of the current implementation in the synchronization backend. It is planned to update this in the future, but this will require a resync for those activities, normally. Please follow this article for the latest news.

When implemented, this will finally turn your Everesting activities into become a Cotacol Local Legend.

Update Strava activity descriptions?
How can I show the cols in my strava ride descriptions.

We can update the activity description of an activity on strava, to show and indicate the different cotacols and badges you conquered. This is not only nice to show off your climbing skills, but it also can drive other users to our community.

In order to achieve this, two things are needed:

Strava needs your permission to update the activity descriptions. For that, it is important that you enable the checkbox Upload your activities from Cotacol Hunting to Strava when logging on to Strava

If you want to review or update your Strava permissions, you can navigate to our settings page

Data & privacy

Privacy policy?
What about my data?

Please read our policy here

No public profile?
I don't want to show up in public pages.

When joining, you automatically will be joined to the Cotacol leader boards, where your Full Name will be visible.

Your name will only be visible for users that are registered and logged in. For anonymous users, only the initials will be shown in leader boards

A new feature is coming, where you can opt out of leader boards and stats. There is already a check box in your profile where you can indicate you don't want to be part of the leader boards. For that, you can navigate to your profile page and check the Private profile checkbox

Incidents history

Support issues?
Is there a list of releases and incidents?.

Yes. You can find this here

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